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The July 2017 issue of Tabletalk will consider entertainment and its role in the Christian life. We live in an entertainment-saturated culture where many forms of entertainment call for our participation and enjoyment. Consequently, Christians are frequently confused about how to engage music, sports, movies, television, literature, art, video games, and other forms of entertainment. Often, we see believers responding in one of two extremes, either with an asceticism that rejects all entertainment as a worldly waste of time or by seeking to fill every moment with entertainment. Moreover, even Christians who rightly balance entertainment with other demands of life regularly feel guilty about enjoying their favorite forms of entertainment. This issue will examine the place of entertainment in Christian living and help believers to engage our entertainment culture more thoughtfully.

Contributors include R.C. Sproul along with Kevin D. Gardner, Nick Batzig, Keith A. Mathison, Michael Wittmer, Joe Thorn, Deepak Reju, Melton L. Duncan, R. Albert Mohler Jr., and Steffen Mueller.