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Six 30-Minute Messages.

One of the most precious gifts that God has given to mankind is the gift of marriage. For in the marital relationship, God has determined that He will be glorified as husband and wife delight in each other. In this series, Dr. R.C. Sproul takes a practical, pastoral look at the most intimate of human relationships. He shows that if we follow God’s principles, marriage can be a celebration of joyous intimacy — one of life’s greatest delights. Dr. Sproul examines not only the theology of marriage but also its sociology and psychology, covering such topics as communication, gender roles, and sex.

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Messages in this Teaching Series
What is Christian Marriage?
God and Nakedness
Knowing Each Other
Sexual Problems in Marriage
Criticism and Compliments
The Role of Man and Woman


Thanks for explaining things so intellegently


RC. I listen to you nearly every day. I love your approach and especially love how you explain things so intellegently and always to its logical conclusions. It is a delight to hear you honor your wife as you do. I am blessed to have you to listen to and learn from your teaching daily in my walk with the Lord. He is my husband. Thank you for talking about that subject so well.



Dr. R.C. Sproul I listen to you every morning on KCBC on my way to work. When I first heard you speak I was not sure if I liked your teachings or not and now I have come to love listening to you everyday. You have sparked my mind and are making Gods word and love more clear to me. It is no wonder the Intimate Marriage DVD is out of stock. I will keep trying until I can get it to watch with my husband. We have been married for 37 years. Thank you for all you do.

A must for any married or soon to be married.

R.C. really gets you thinking in this series about what a husband and wife should look and act like. Dr. Sproul as always explanes the roles and duties as clearly and honesly as possible. An absoulte must for any couple, married or soon to be!