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Download small choir demo tracks of Dr. R.C. Sproul’s sacred music project, Glory to the Holy One, featuring lyrics drawn from Scripture and a lifetime of theological reflection. Glory to the Holy One is a collection of beautiful hymns written by Dr. Sproul, wedded with soaring melodies written by award-winning composer, Jeff Lippencott. This project provides the church with an offering of that which is good, true, and beautiful in the Christian faith.

Browse all of the available sheet music from Glory to the Holy One.

Glory to the Holy One: Small Choir Demos Media
Audio: Glory to the Holy One
Audio: Come, O Lamb of God
Audio: The Secret Place
Audio: Heavy Is Our Savior's Cross
Audio: Highland Hymn
Audio: These Great Things
Audio: Come, Thou Savior, Spread Thy Table
Audio: Worthy Is the Lamb
Audio: Amen