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Understanding the doctrines of grace will give you a clearer picture of God’s sovereignty. From the lawgiver Moses to the apostle John, and from the early church fathers to modern defenders of the faith, there has marched onto the stage of human history a long line of godly men, a triumphant parade of spiritual stalwarts who have upheld the doctrines of grace. In this book, the first in the three-volume A Long Line of Godly Men series, Dr. Steven J. Lawson takes you on a heart-stirring survey of the Scriptures to show that the Bible in its entirety teaches the doctrines of grace.

“As Dr. Steve Lawson’s reconnaissance of this matter so clearly shows, God’s sovereignty is manifest throughout sacred Scripture… . When you finish reading this book, I would wonder and worry if you continue to persist in denying the full measure of God’s sovereignty in our salvation.”
— Dr. R.C. Sproul, Minister of preaching and teaching, Saint Andrew’s Chapel, Sanford, Fla.

The doctrines of grace are often misunderstood and mischaracterized. This helpful new book explains them thoughtfully and well. May God use it for His glory and others’ good.”
— Dr. D. James Kennedy, Senior Minister, Coral Ridge Presbyterian Church, Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.

Steve Lawson understands that the text of the Bible presents a consistent witness to God’s sovereignty and the panoramic display of God’s glory. All this is evident in his preaching ministry and in his writing ministry as well.”
— R. Albert Mohler, Jr., President, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary

“Steven Lawson clearly and comprehensively lays the scriptural groundwork for the doctrines of grace.”
— Dr. John MacArthur, Pastor-teacher, Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, Calif.

“Gripped in mind and heart by the twin truths of God’s total sovereignty and His amazing grace, Steve Lawson compellingly traces these themes from the beginning to the end of Scripture… . Foundations of Grace shows, in a multitude of ways, that the Scriptures are useful ‘for teaching, reproof, correction, and training in righteousness.’”
— Dr. Sinclair B. Ferguson, Senior pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Columbia, S.C.

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Pillars of Grace

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Foundations of Grace, 2006 Edition Media
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Outstanding and Enlightening

James Agosto

I have been reading the second edition of Dr. Steven j.Lawson's book Pillars of Grace, and as the first, it is outstanding and enlightening. I recommend both books for those of us who seek to go deeper into the word of God and understanding of our Lord. I look forward to the next three editions. They will be a plus to my library. J.Agosto

Soli Deo Gloria

I thank God for men who will stand up and fight for the truth presented in the Word of God. This book shows the Doctrines of Grace from Genesis to Revelation. God is glorified in this work by Dr. Lawson and will continue to be by those who read this book.

Amazing Grace


I could hardly put this book down until it was finished. After being a follower of Christ for nearly 25 years, I stumbled on some writings of A. W. Pink. What he had to say was so replusive to the theology I was taught, but it was simply the truth - Jesus Saves, alone. Steven Lawson's book was so well written because it starts with the Scriptures and how they are rooted in the Eternal Purpose of God. I wait with intense anticipation the next in the series. Living in NJ, it also deeply affected me when I learned how Princeton and Rutgers have lost their lofty foundations.


Timothy James McNeely

I've often hear Lawson speak about the unbroken line of faithful ministers of God's word. This looks like it will be a fantastic series. I can't wait to get my hands on this book.

Finally, a Book for the rest of us!

M. Reamer

The Doctrines of Grace were never more appealing! Finally a Book that not only teaches us the Doctrines of Grace, but one that does it in a way that all of us can understand, and apply to life! This book had me glorifying God literally from the start. A Must read, for those who love Truth!

Outstanding work that is a must have!

The first in five volumes, I highly recommend this book to everyone. Dr. Lawson covers every verse that deals with the doctrines of grace, Genesis to Revelation.

Awsome Book, Can't Wait for the Next One


This book is awsome. We are working through this book in a mens bible study. I can't wait for the others to come out. Is there a proposed date for the next to come out?

The church needs to get back to this TRUTH.

Frank Rollberg

Thank you so much for writing this book that is so much needed in our time. The church needs to get back to the truth of Gods word. The doctrines of grace are all over scripture. Can't wait until the next volume comes out.