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Thirty-Two 23-Minute Messages. Over 12 Hours of Teaching.

In Defending Your Faith: An Overview of Classical Apologetics with R.C. Sproul, Dr. Sproul surveys the history of apologetics and demonstrates that reason and science are your allies in defending the existence of God and the historical truth claims of Jesus Christ. He affirms four logical premises that are necessary for all reasonable discourse, and teaches you how to defend your faith in a faithless world. Furthermore, he points out that there are many levels on which to defend your faith, and shows how apologetics brings comfort and confidence to Christians of all ages. 

This series is designed for individual study, senior high school classes, homeschoolers, small study groups, and adult Sunday school classes. 

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Messages in this Teaching Series
Why Apologetics?
Four Steps Backward
Law of Contradiction
Law of Causality
Reliability of Sense Perception
Analogical Language (Part 1)
Analogical Language (Part 2)
Contradiction and Paradox
Natural Theology (Part 1)
Natural Theology (Part 2)
Aquinas vs. Kant
The Case for God
Four Possibilities
The Illusion of Descartes
Self-Creation (Part 1)
Self-Creation (Part 2)
Necessary Being
God of the Bible vs. God of Philosophy
Kant’s Moral Argument
Vanity of Vanity
The Psychology of Atheism
The Bible and Apologetics (Part 1)
The Bible and Apologetics (Part 2)
The Bible and Apologetics (Part 3)
The Bible and Apologetics (Part 4)
The Bible and Apologetics (Part 5)
The Deity of Christ
Questions and Answers


Great Building Block!

Lester Fleming

Dr. Sproul this was a great way for me to sure up my faith as a believer.One of the main things poeple go thru when having difficulties in life is having a doubt of God being there or even being "REAL". Well in this series i have personally grown,so now when i go thru the storms & challenges of life i'm alot more patient. I still have questions about some things, but knowing whether or not God exists isn't one of them. Thank You!


Douglas Bamford

Have been watching this series on Direct TV channel NRB National Religious Broadcasters via DVR and playing back while write each word for word as a note teaching myself Theology. You must view this series. Would make an excellent Christmas gift. Doug

Great teaching tool!

Ben McMillan

I have gone through this series several times personally, once in a small group and am now leading a Sunday School study using it. Having been raised in an old holiness Pentecostal church I longed for and needed well thought out and systematic teaching on Christian doctrine. This study offers that and much more. If you are looking for deeper understanding based in objective reality instead of subjective experience this is your ticket.

Helps you think clearly about truth.

The study opens the door to gaining a foundational understanding of how to defend the truth claims of Christianity as proposed in the Bible. The study helped me think more clearly about the concept of truth and how simple it is for people to stray off the narrow path and get lost in a sea of confusion. Great job! JT

A first rate and thoroughly engaging series!

Richard Shipley

R.C. has done a tremendous job in reminding us that "Christians should not surrender rationality and scientific enquiry to the secular world. The commonsense tools of learning can be used to corroborate the truth claims of Christianity." This is a great resource that I will return to again and again in defending the faith against the gagging of God in our generation.

What is truth?


Wow! R.C. does a supurb job of explaining how honest philosophical inquiry can't help but point to God... the God of the Bible in fact. Not only that but his engaging teaching style kept me hanging on every word. Philosophy when taught by R.C. is anything but boring. The series energized me to better under stand the reasons for believing what I do, so that I can boldly proclaim the truth of God in this decietful world.