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The freedoms of American society present unique challenges to the Christian church. One such challenge is having to face the many cultic movements that flourish in this country. 

In this helpful book, noted cult expert Edmond C. Gruss provides the historical background and teachings of over fifteen major cults including the Jehovah’s Witnesses, Mormonism, Spiritualism, Astrology, Seventh Day Adventism, Christian Science, and the Baha’i faith. Gruss analyzes each group from a biblical perspective and provides useful bibliographies for further study as well as a listing of groups that deal specifically with these organizations.


Very Saddened

christopher baker

Very saddened that this "Dr" would include the LDS church in this book of cults. The dictionary has as a synonym for the word "cult" as "religion" its a deragatory term used for people with whom you disagree. It was given to the ancient Christians by the Jews and Romans, as well as pagan. Its sad to see today's so called Christians doing the very same to peaceful religions who did nothing to deserve it. I just can't wait until the Savior comes again and remedies the sad state of christendom.

Thanks for your review of these especially 7th Day

wanda t godfrey

Thanks so much for writing this book AND for including the 7th Day Adventist Movement with it. Almost everyone, including the Baptist Minister locally, have not realized this is not a REAL church. My daughter has gotten into it and it has wreaked havoc in her life as well as all her children and our relationship, as I am going to hell as I worship on Sunday, eat meat, etc. I am not good enough to be her children's grandmother. Yet she does worse and is forgiven. We cannot even live close to each other. A close look reveals this cult was began by a demented woman who had brain damage in early years and then dreams which were NOT Bibical to the point that the White family has locked it up in family vaults. She actually added 900 words to the Book of Daniel and said her words were just as inspired as those of the Bible and should be considered such. Wow! She is another Joseph Smith. Yet they have gotten 'main stream' via health food stores, hospital, and other things when people don't seem to realize their history. It is a very sad thing and I am so glad you have brought this to the forefront. HOpefully, it will spread before a lot of people go to hell over their thinking they are 'churched' and 'saved'. I believe most realize the others in the book are cults and have been addressed repeatedly, but most books do not include the Seventh Day Adventists being a cult. Thanks so much for publishing this great work, Wanda Godfrey