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In this series, Dr. R.C. Sproul offers practical help for understanding and controlling anger. As he examines the subject of anger, he explains how God’s righteous anger is different than man’s sinful expression of anger. Yet, as Dr. Sproul explains, sometimes man’s anger is justified when it is expressed rightly and without sin.

Messages in this Teaching Series
God’s Furious Anger
The Son’s Anger
Be Angry, But Don’t Sin
When Anger Destroys
Dealing with Anger


Helpful for those who feel guilt about their anger

Mark Stumpff

This short series helps believers to realize that we have anger because God has anger, but goes on to explain how as fallen human beings, we can have sinful anger. Dr. Sproul encourages believers to evaluate their anger, and see if it is righteous anger, like God's anger, or if it is sinful. Near the end of the series, Sproul also gives an invaluable insight into the underlying cause of anger. Definitely worth the time to listen to this series!