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There’s hardly a topic more important than faith. And no portion of Scripture deals more clearly with the vitality of faith than Hebrews 11. “This chapter is to faith what the thirteenth chapter of 1 Corinthians is to love,” writes Richard Phillips. “Hebrews 11 is the work of a master teacher and loving pastor who is convinced that the fate of his readers hinges on their faith.”

In this study of Hebrews 11, we find answers to some of our most pressing questions: What is faith? How do we get faith? What are its benefits? How does faith respond to life’s trials? We also enter the fascinating world of Old Testament men and women whose vision of a sure hope beyond their struggles led them to acts of great courage. Like the first audience of the Book of Hebrews the church today faces mounting opposition—even persecution—and the danger of falling away from the truth.