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The January 2019 issue of Tabletalk will cover the Synod of Dort. Reformed soteriology is typically summarized using the five points of Calvinism, which come from the answers that the Synod of Dort (1618–19) gave to the Arminian Remonstrants four-hundred years ago. While many Christians are familiar with the five points of Calvinism, few understand the circumstances that led the Reformed churches in the Netherlands to develop them. The influence of Dutch Reformed theology and piety around the world and particularly in North America is also a vital aspect of church history. This issue will look at the history, teaching, and lasting influence of the Synod of Dort and Dutch Reformed theology to help Christians grow in their understanding of Reformed Christian history, theology, piety, and practice.

Contributors include W. Robert Godfrey, Cornelis P. Venema, Daniel R. Hyde, Joel R. Beeke, Leonardo De Chirico, Gabriel N.E. Fluhrer, Augustus Nicodemus Lopes, Deepak Reju, Don Bailey, Nate Shurden, Dennis E. Johnson, and Michael J. Kruger.