Dec 17, 2022

You’re Helping Provide Life-Changing Teaching

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People in cities and churches around the world are hungry for life-changing teaching from Ligonier Ministries. From publishing, to podcasting, to translation work now in more than forty languages, your support continues to make rich biblical truths accessible to those in every age and stage of the Christian life. Recently, Robbie contacted us to tell us how Ligonier’s resources have impacted his life and ministry:

“It’s been about twenty-six years since I discovered Ligonier through my pastor and attended my first conference. I’m awed at Ligonier’s worldwide expansion into so many crucial languages. I know what this teaching of God’s Word will accomplish overseas because of what it’s done in me. In addition to teaching adult Sunday school, using Ligonier’s resources to help others see the attributes of God and the work of Christ, I’m taking this teaching into my neighborhood and to our sister church in Cuba. May God bless you all.”

In God’s providence, your prayers and financial support are helping equip people like Robbie to share the truths they’ve learned with others. As Ligonier seeks to build the world’s largest library of discipleship resources that are true to the historic Christian faith, your generous support will help pave the way for greater outreach. Thank you for making it possible to distribute gospel-centered teaching around the world.