Dec 26, 2019

Your Support by December 31 Is Greatly Appreciated

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This is your opportunity to stand with Ligonier Ministries in God’s mission to save the world.

Recently, we wrote to you about the honor and privilege we have as Christians to evangelize and disciple the nations. My friend and colleague, Dr. R.C. Sproul, established this ministry decades ago because he was grateful that he and other like-minded believers could play a part in God’s mission. As he often said, “God allows us to participate in the greatest work in human history, the work of redemption.”

R.C. was equally clear that God doesn’t need us to accomplish His purposes, which makes His choice to proclaim the truth of the Bible through us all the more gracious. The Lord has appointed His church to carry out this mission, but we believe He has raised up Ligonier to provide vital assistance to the church in fulfilling His mandate.

As a student and professor of church history, I have been able to look back and reflect on God’s providential use of His people to take His gospel to the nations. We remember the great men and women in church history who made key contributions to this effort, but none of these individuals did their work alone. God’s mission has always advanced when all of His people together support the work of His Great Commission. There would have been no Reformation without the people of Geneva, Wittenberg, and elsewhere supporting the work.

So it is in our day. Ligonier Ministries relies on your gifts and prayers to provide vital resources to the church for the fulfillment of Christ’s mandate to make disciples of all nations. By ending 2019 financially strong, Ligonier will be well positioned for 2020.

If you have already given to Ligonier’s year-end need, please know how grateful we are for your support. If you haven’t given, please prayerfully consider how the Lord would have you support Ligonier at this time.

Your gift of any amount by December 31 will enable us to close out the year strong, and it will support vital outreaches in 2020, such as the launch of the Reformation Study Bible in Spanish, the development of new print and video resources, an increased international presence, and other ministry opportunities. By God’s grace, you can help make it possible to begin a new decade of ministry to a world that desperately needs the gospel.

Thank you for standing with Ligonier for the sake of gospel ministry and the health of Christ’s church.

Every gift, large or small, makes ministry happen. We are thankful for friends like you who don’t count on others to give, but who step up to meet Ligonier’s needs. Your support by December 31 is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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