Dec 31, 2019

Your Partnership in the Gospel Means so Much

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We can only reach as many people as God allows through your support. Will you help us in this critical hour?

Ligonier Ministries proclaims, teaches, and defends the truth, and tomorrow begins a new decade of ministry. In the Lord’s providence, your gift today will help us enter 2020 without missing a step.

Year after year, the need that Dr. Sproul set out to address—introducing as many people as possible to the holiness of God—only grows. There is a theological famine around the world. The gospel is obscured and false teaching is everywhere. In many cases, the church is ill-equipped to respond. This is why Ligonier spreads trustworthy discipleship resources now in forty languages, because we believe people everywhere need to know who God is. You and I can help.

Your partnership in the gospel means so much. Will you help Ligonier cross into 2020 in a strong ministry position?

Together, we can help Christians grow strong in God’s Word through broadcasts, publications, plus in-person discipleship training seminars, conferences, and classes to deliver trusted teaching around the world. This outreach is not inexpensive, but it is effective. And it is necessary.

As we approach a new decade of ministry, God has set many new outreach opportunities before us to serve the global church. Trusting Him, our 2020 outreach plan aims for visionary expansion. Millions of our neighbors are starving for trusted Bible teaching. Entire nations and languages lack any access to the rich discipleship resources that we enjoy every day. Now is the time to move forward with fresh courage and resolve in full reliance on the grace of God and His sovereign power.

Your support helps individuals, families, and churches grow in their knowledge of God so that they may serve Him faithfully and live for His glory. Every online gift we receive by 11:30 p.m. ET tonight positions us to reach even more people in the year ahead. Will you help us?

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