Mar 20, 2019

You Are Never More Justified Than the Moment You First Believed

1 Min Read

In this brief clip from his teaching series The Whole Christ, Sinclair Ferguson explains that our sanctification does not add to our justification.


I remember myself, as a very young Christian, being taught that every day I should have my quiet time. And if I didn't have my quiet time before I went out, I would I would feel guilty and feel that God would not bless my day. And Christians who often then come to think that by their obedience they can somehow or another, add to their justification. Isn't it true that it's actually quite difficult for many Christians to believe that they can never add to their justification—that they will never be more justified than they are the moment they come to faith in Jesus Christ. Well, surely my sanctification will add to my justification? Not if it's the justification of the gospel. It might add to your justification if your justification was derived from yourself, but it can't add to your justification if your justification is derived from Jesus Christ.