Dec 8, 2023

You’re Helping Encourage Christians around the World

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Every day of the Christian life involves walking in faith and placing our trust in the Lord. Yet, spiritual growth does not simply develop overnight. It is cultivated throughout our lives as we grow in our understanding of God and our reliance on His Word.

Sonia recently shared how Dr. R.C. Sproul’s teaching helped strengthen her faith in Christ:

“About five years ago, I received a copy of The Holiness of God by Dr. Sproul. While I was raised in the church and have always had a deep faith, this book really solidified my faith and took it to a deeper level than before. I have never doubted God or His plan for my life, but this book just brought who God is into clearer focus. Thank you for the gift.”

Your prayers and financial support play a vital role in encouraging Christians around the world through Ligonier’s online teaching library. At a time when global demand for trustworthy teaching is greater than ever, your gift helps reach people with the truth of God, even as Ligonier seeks to make Bible-teaching resources available in many of the world’s most-spoken languages in the years to come.

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