Dec 5, 2017

Together, You and I Can Seize This Moment for the Gospel

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Together, you and I can seize this moment for the gospel. I believe God allows unsettled times like these we’re experiencing today to drive people to Christ, who alone grants true peace, meaning, and reconciliation. More people have reached out to Ligonier Ministries this year than ever before, searching for something eternal to hold on to. You can help declare this eternal hope with your gift of any amount to help meet our year-end need.

The year 2017 was monumental for Ligonier:

  • We initiated an ongoing project to distribute thousands of copies of the Reformation Study Bible in Africa while moving forward on translation efforts in Spanish, Portuguese, Arabic, Korean, and German.
  • We established an official Spanish department to develop resources for Spanish-speaking people around the world.
  • We introduced “Ask Ligonier,” a biblical and theological question and answer service that allows people around the globe to chat with our team online.
  • We celebrated the five-hundredth anniversary of Martin Luther’s posting of the Ninety-Five Theses, marking the beginning of the Protestant Reformation. Recovering the gospel is as important now as it was then.

That’s just scratching the surface, and it’s all been made possible by friends who give to this work because they want to seize this moment for Christ. We’re encouraged by friends like you who recognize the need for a ministry such as Ligonier and don’t count on others to give but stand to support us.

Lord willing, 2018 will be another milestone year for Ligonier. In March, we anticipate launching Renovando Tu Mente, the Spanish version of our Renewing Your Mind broadcast. We’ll host events defending the faith on college campuses around the country. We’ll hold several conferences here and abroad.

And this is all in addition to our growing translation efforts; publication of books, teaching series, and Tabletalk magazine; and our radio, TV, and Internet broadcasting.

But we can’t sustain and grow these gospel-teaching outreaches without your helping Ligonier to meet its year-end need. We’re only getting started. Billions of people need Christ, and false gospels abound. Having to reduce our voice because of a lack of funds would be tragic at a time like this.

The task before us in 2018 and beyond is great. But we serve God Almighty, who blesses those who love His truth. Your gift of any amount by December 31, 2017, will show strong support for Ligonier and enable us to do much good for the gospel together.

Thank you for the many ways you stand with us. We need you.


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