Sep 19, 2019

Wreck the Word of God

1 Min Read

Here’s an excerpt from Wreck the Word of God , Steven J. Lawson’s contribution to the September issue of Tabletalk:

Our strategy is to unleash a full-scale, frontal assault on the Word of our Enemy. This has been the essence of our sinister strategy from the very beginning. Over the centuries, nothing has changed. Our modus operandi is the same. The Enemy does His most damaging work to us when His Word is preached, taught, respected, and followed.

There are several specific methods that you can employ as you seek to wreck the Word of our Enemy. Persuade preachers to doubt the flawless purity of the Word. Cause them to believe liberal theologians, not our Enemy. Con pastors into thinking that the Bible is just another book, and deceive them into elevating fallible church tradition and personal opinion over Scripture. Blind them into thinking the majority vote of the congregation is the highest authority.

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