Jul 7, 2010

Worship Matters: Resources to Assist Your July Tabletalk Study

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The July 2010 issue of Tabletalk focuses on the concept of adiaphora within the practices and worship of Christ’s body and aims to provide biblical principles regarding adiaphora. Here is a list of helpful resources that will complement your study through Tabletalk this month.

A Taste of Heaven by R.C. Sproul
Looking to the Old Testament especially, R.C. Sproul shows how the timeless principles for worship revealed therein can be applied to our modern situation in a way that honors God’s holy name.
Hardcover, 173 Pages, (Retail $15) $10.50

Gospel Worship by Jeremiah Burroughs
This work by one of the most influential puritan preachers looks at the biblical teaching on worship and how we may please the Lord in our services of praise. R.C. Sproul considers it among the books that has been most important in his life and ministry.
Hardcover, 299 Pages, (Retail $22) $17.60

Welcome to a Reformed Church by Daniel Hyde
There are many Christians from a non- Reformed background that are today coming to embrace Reformed theology. This is a helpful work for those new to the Reformed tradition and its worship, explaining many of its beliefs and practices.
Paperback, 178 Pages, (Retail $12) $9.60

A Better Way: Rediscovering the Drama of Christ-Centered Worship by Michael Horton
Michael Horton looks at the controversies over worship in modern evangelicalism and the tendency to make worship more about us than it is about God. Horton explains what it means to have God-centered worship and calls the church to recover this vision of our services of praise.
Paperback, 249 Pages, (Retail $19) $15.20

Worship by R.C. Sproul
Disputes over worship can be solved only through a return to the Scriptures in order to discover what God has said about how we may rightly praise Him. This teaching series is a helpful overview of the biblical teaching on worship, dealing with both its purpose and elements.
4 CDs, (Retail $31) $24.80

Give Praise to God by Various
Give Praise to God is a collection of several essays on the theology and practice of worship. It is an excellent resource for discovering why the Reformed tradition worships in the way that it does and for helping develop a more thoughtful approach to what we do in worship and what happens when we gather together.
Hardcover, 516 pages, (Retail $30) $24

Singing and Making Music by Paul Jones
In this collection of essays from Paul S. Jones, various principles regarding music in worship are addressed. It is especially helpful for worship leaders and music directors, but anyone can benefit from its thoughtful consideration of worship music.
Paperback, 328 Pages, (Retail $17) $13.60

_The Family Worship Book by Terry Johnson
_Terry Johnson has designed this resource to help families introduce times of worship into their homes, and he provides guidance as to what family worship is and what it should contain. Suggested Bible readings, creedal readings, hymns, and other tools are included to assist parents in structuring their family devotional times.
Hardcover, 198 Pages, (Retail $20) $16

Pleasing God in Our Worship by Robert Godfrey
This helpful booklet examines several basic principles for developing worship that is pleasing to God. It is helpful for those trying to navigate the worship wars and see what Scripture actually has to say about worship.
Paperback, 48 Pages, (Retail $5) $4