Dec 12, 2012

Will You Help Us Finish Strong?

2 Min Read

The end of another year fast approaches. I have greatly appreciated the support of friends like you in 2012. Your help has made it possible to reach many people with God's Word.

We know that God is far greater than the darkness. These are invigorating times for ministry, for shining forth the Lord's holiness and mercy. Ligonier Ministries needs your help to carry this light into the dark regions of the world in 2013.

Because friends like you sacrificed in 2012, Ligonier has accomplished much. By God's grace, we are reaching a growing and global audience through our publishing, broadcasting and education outreach.

Through your gifts and prayers, you are "fellow workers for the truth" with us (3 John 8). You have a stake in this donor-supported ministry, which has reached millions in 2012. You can help us further with a tax-deductible donation to our work by December 31.

Your support impacts the world through Ligonier's outreach. I was heartened by a letter from Charlene in London who said,

"I searched for the truth high and low but the place where I understood the gospel and received true biblical teaching for the first time was on I thank God every day for R.C. and theologians alike and thank our Lord for being sovereign over everything. I am a South African living in London and found out the truth about our gracious Lord Jesus on WOW! All praise be to Him! Thank you so much for Ligonier Ministries."

With your help and by God's sustaining grace we can move forward with our outreach plans in 2013. Will you help us finish strong with your year-end gift?

Thank you.