May 7, 2013

Why We Trust the Bible: A New Teaching Series from Stephen Nichols

4 Min Read

Rather than forsake us, God sent His Son, Jesus, revealing and recording His redemptive purposes in an inspired, inerrant, and authoritative source: the Bible. Will you accept its authority?

In this new six-part teaching series, Why We Trust the Bible, Dr. Stephen Nichols equips Christians to know why they can trust Scripture in an age that continually issues attacks against it. He explains the origin of the Bible, why we have sixty-six books, its sufficiency for life and godliness, and more.

Six, 23-Minute Messages:

  1. Revelation: Where Would We Be Without It?
  2. The Authority of Scripture, Part 1: The Doctrine of Inspiration
  3. The Authority of Scripture, Part 2: The Doctrine of Inerrancy
  4. Why Sixty-Six Books? The Development of the Canon
  5. Why So Many Interpretations? The Clarity of Scripture & Interpretation
  6. Scripture for Life: The Sufficiency of Scripture

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About Stephen Nichols

Dr. Stephen J. Nichols is professor of theology and church history at Lancaster Bible College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. He has authored or contributed to more than ten books and has taught three Ligonier teaching series including: