May 19, 2010

Why a Reformed Bible College at Ligonier?: The Answers Appear in Our Motto and Logo

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Ligonier Academy’s motto, “Post Tenebras Lux” (“After Darkness, Light”) carries nearly 500 years of history as a motto and rallying cry of the Protestant Reformation. It can be found on the Reformation Wall – itself more than 100 years old – in John Calvin’s adopted city of Geneva, Switzerland. Historically, it has stood for the rediscovery of biblical truth in each generation – finding the “light” of truth following the “darkness” of heresy and error that constantly creep in throughout church history, with the Roman Catholic Church of the 16th Century only one example among many.

Ligonier Academy’s logo is a visual representation of our institution’s standing upon the unbroken pillars of Christian orthodoxy: history, truth, and faith. The pillar of history represents God’s sovereign actions throughout time, as the author and finisher not just of our faith, but of all that lives, moves, and has its being. The pillar of truth represents the high regard we place upon God’s truth as revealed in His Holy Word, as the only rule of faith and practice. The pillar of faith represents salvation: given entirely by God through faith, not by works or human merit. The image of classical columns is chosen purposefully, to reflect Ligonier Academy’s respect for the Western canon of art, music, and literature, its position of having been inspired and nurtured by historic Christian faith, and its place within our curriculum.

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