Dec 25, 2019

Why the God-Man?

1 Min Read

The incarnation means more than just Jesus in a manger. In this brief clip, Sinclair Ferguson describes just how overwhelming the incarnation is.


You see here’s our problem. We are not amazed by the question, why the God-Man? We assume, of course, He would come. The gospel begins to amaze us when we learn who it is who has come. It’s staggering to the intellect. Indeed, I think one can say, if your intellect has never been staggered by the reality of the incarnation, you don’t know what incarnation means. It doesn’t mean Jesus was a little baby. It means the eternal, infinite, divine One, worshipped by Cherubim and Seraphim, Creator of all things, sustainer of all things, infinite in His being, wisdom, power, majesty, glory, who at a word could dissolve the world that had sinned against Him was willing to come into this world and assume our flesh in order to become our Savior. It’s overwhelming. That’s the great thing about the gospel, isn’t it? It’s never done overwhelming you – wave upon wave upon wave of worship and adoration, that God the Son should come for the likes of me, and not just because it’s the likes of me, because it’s the One who is without parallel in infinite majesty who has done this.