Dec 29, 2018

Why Did God Command Israel to Build a Huge Tent?

1 Min Read

Before the Israelites departed for the Promised Land, God commanded Moses to oversee the construction of an enormous tent—the tabernacle—and to fill it with sacred vessels. But why? And what can we learn from its design and the special items it contained?

In today’s message from his video teaching series Dust to Glory, R.C. Sproul explores the purpose of this Tent of Meeting, the place where God promised to meet with His people. As the Israelites lived in tents in the desert, so God their King would dwell in a tent in the midst of them.

And not only that, but the tabernacle points us to Jesus Christ, Immanuel, who would come to dwell with His people. Every item in the tent, from the sweet incense to the ark of the covenant, tells us something about His redemptive work that was to come.

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