Feb 23, 2019

Why Did Civil War Break Out in Ancient Israel?

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The nation of Israel saw heroic conquests under King David and great prosperity under King Solomon. But Solomon made a fatal mistake. In order to increase the splendor of his kingdom, he enslaved a portion of his own people. It would be the beginning of the end for the united kingdom of Israel.

In today’s message from his video teaching series Dust to Glory, R.C. Sproul looks at the spark that started Israel’s civil war. Solomon forgot that the true role of a king is not to amass riches and power but rather to serve the Lord and serve the people. His son Rehoboam followed in his footsteps. Because of their selfishness, the people revolted, and God took most of the tribes of Israel away from them.

The history of the divided kingdom—Israel in the north, Judah in the south—reads like a rogue’s gallery. Especially in the north, one king after another failed to serve God. Eventually, both kingdoms would fall into captivity. Yet above all of this disruption and division, God was providentially preparing the world for David’s greater Son, Jesus Christ, whose kingdom will last forever.

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