Apr 13, 2019

Who Set the Captives Free?

1 Min Read

After spending more than a generation in exile, news came to the Israelites. Their captors had been defeated by the Persians, and the new king would permit them to return to Jerusalem. Yet ultimately, it was not the benevolence of a pagan ruler that set them free. It was God. He was fulfilling His promise to restore His people.

In today’s message from his video teaching series Dust to Glory, R.C. Sproul gives us a thumbnail sketch of Ezra and Nehemiah, two men God raised up to provide faithful leadership during this time. First, Ezra led the rebuilding of the temple. Then, Nehemiah led the rebuilding of the city walls. Despite intense opposition, God was with them and blessed their efforts.

Yet their task was far greater than restoring buildings. The nation itself had to be reformed, its worship renewed, and its people rededicated in obedience to the Lord. Neither Ezra nor Nehemiah were able to bring about lasting change in people’s hearts. That would await the coming of the Messiah, the High Priest who perfectly fulfills God’s plan for Israel.

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