Apr 13, 2017

Who Is Jesus? How Would You Answer?

2 Min Read

In this brief video, trusted teachers explain why it's vital for Christians to be able to rightly articulate who Jesus is and what He has done. Learn more at ChristologyStatement.com


Mark Dever: "These days I think we need—we would be helped at least—by a clarifying teaching on Scripture, particularly what Scripture has to say about Jesus Christ."

Michael Reeves: "I think people forget the centrality of Christ very easily and think that the gospel is some abstract package of salvation that God gives. But Jesus Christ is the grace of God, is the gift of God given to us, and so to know who Jesus Christ is and what He's done could not be more central for Christians."

Derek Thomas: "What does it mean to be a Christian? Well, it means I'm in fellowship with, I'm in union with a person—the Lord Jesus. It's about Him."

Ian Hamilton: "Get Jesus Christ wrong, and you get everything wrong. We live in an age when evangelicalism has often descended into lowest-common-denominator teaching, and the great danger is that we lose the glory of the person of Christ and when you lose the glory of the person of Christ you lose the glory of the gospel."

Derek Thomas: "All of theology ultimately revolves around Him—the Lord Jesus, and it's important to express who He is and what He has done in a way that is biblical."

W. Robert Godfrey: "We always have to be going back to the Bible and to the truth of the Bible, and allow the Bible to speak to us—not insist that the Bible says what we want it to say."

Albert Mohler: "Well, the gospel doesn't matter as just a set of beliefs. The gospel doesn't matter as just an added meaning to life. The gospel only matters if the question is heaven or hell. It's a question of the grace and mercy of God on the one hand or the wrath of God on the other."

Steven Lawson: "It is critical that our message be a carefully defined presentation with theological integrity concerning the person and work of Jesus Christ."

Derek Thomas: "Martin Luther, I think said, 'What is the most important thing about being Christian? Knowing that He loved me and gave Himself for me.'"