Apr 27, 2019

What’s so “Minor” about the Minor Prophets?

1 Min Read

When we refer to the last twelve books of the Old Testament as the Minor Prophets, we’re not dismissing them as unimportant or insignificant. Although these books are shorter—and therefore “minor”—their teaching remains vital.

In today’s message from his video teaching series Dust to Glory, R.C. Sproul gives us brief vignettes of three of these prophets: Joel, Micah, and Habakkuk. Each of them provides a lens to help us see God’s character in spectacular glory, revealing His holiness, faithfulness, and steadfast love for His people.

These prophets also herald God’s mercy and grace in the new covenant. Micah predicts Bethlehem as the birthplace of the Messiah (5:2). Joel’s promise that the Lord will pour out His Spirit (2:28–29) is fulfilled during Pentecost. And we see echoes of Habakkuk’s teaching that “the righteous shall live by his faith” (2:4) throughout the New Testament.

If you’ve overlooked the Minor Prophets in the past, we hope today’s message will spark your interest and encourage you to study all twelve of them more closely.

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