Apr 17, 2019

What Is Definite Atonement?

1 Min Read

In this brief clip from our 2012 Theology Night, R.C. Sproul explains that God’s purpose in the atonement was limited and definite.


What is in view here is God's purpose, His design. Did God intend, when He sent into the world His Son to die, did He intend that that death would actually save people, or did He just hope it would? I mean, to ask a question like that is to answer it. You know very well that God knew from all eternity who was going to come to His Son and who wouldn't. He knew that the death of Christ had a definite purpose, that would definitely be accomplished, and definitely was accomplished.

If you look at it like that, how can you speak of anything but a definite atonement? So first of all, the atonement is limited in its efficacy to all who believe. I think we can agree on that. But it's also limited in its eternal design for God's elect—that Christ laid down His life for His sheep and all for whom Christ died come to Christ, experience His redemption, and are redeemed forever.