Aug 3, 2017

What Is the Best Way to Study the Psalms?

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The Psalms are undeniably beautiful. They also can be difficult, and readers may come away convinced that tremendous riches remain just beyond their grasp. Watch as W. Robert Godfrey discusses the best way to study the Psalms.


The best way to study the Psalms, as Psalm 1 verse 2 tells us right at the beginning, is to meditate on the Psalms. Poems don't release their richness by one single quick reading, so we have to read and reread. The Hebrew word meditate really means mutter or repeat out loud to yourself and as one goes over and over those Psalms looking for themes, looking for linguistic patterns, looking for literary shape, more and more depth is found and more and more blessing I believe is received.

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Learning to Love the Psalms