Mar 21, 2018

Why We Can't Choose God

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In this brief clip from his series Willing to Believe, R.C. Sproul explains that we can't choose God because we don't want to choose God.


Insofar as that we have the ability by nature to make choices, we have natural ability. We don't have the natural ability to fly through the air unaided by machines because we have not by nature been equipped with wings and feathers and all of that sort of thing. But as human beings with a will, we have the natural ability to make choices. What we lack, according to Edwards, is the moral ability to choose the things of God. Why? Because, in the fall, we have lost our disposition, our desire, and our inclination for God. The reason why man can't choose God unless God first chooses him is simply because man won't choose God and we cannot choose what we don't want.