Apr 19, 2011

The Victory Parade We Don’t Deserve

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"Though I didn’t think such was possible, my esteem for both my father and the Bible took a rather sudden spike. I was blessed to be sitting in a seminary class, while he stood, teaching. He mentioned, almost in passing, this notion that rocked my world. 'Some scholars,' he said (and by the way he said it I had a strong suspicion that he was one of those scholars), 'believe that the ‘man’ Joshua met outside the wall of Jericho was a pre-incarnate manifestation of the second person of the Trinity, a christophany.' I was blown away as he went on to make the case. He encouraged us to remember that Joshua bowed and worshiped. Had he been with an angel from God, the angel would have forbidden such worship. That the being received the worship made the case."

That is how R.C. Sproul Jr begins his contribution to this month's edition of Tabletalk. You will have to keep reading to see how he gets from that introduction to the title The Victory Parade We Don't Deserve.