Dec 14, 2016

The Very Heart of Calvinism

1 Min Read

In this excerpt from his teaching series Calvinism and the Christian Life, Ian Hamilton explains that the conviction of God's sovereignty should lead us to prayer.


How is a conviction regarding the sovereignty of God to manifest itself in our daily life as individual Christians and in our corporate life as the church of Jesus Christ? Chiefly, I believe in the people of God giving themselves to consistent, faithful, heartfelt prayer. Nothing more honors God's sovereignty than prayer. Benjamin Warfield, the great Princeton theologian, once described Calvinism as "Christianity on its knees." And I think that takes us to the very heart of what Calvinism is. Anyone who claims to be a Calvinist—and Calvin himself would be very cross if any Christian called himself by his name—but if we call ourselves Calvinists and do not give ourselves committedly, personally, congregationally to prayer we belie our profession in the sovereignty of God.