Feb 15, 2011

Vehicles for Giving the Self

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Throughout 2011 we are conducting interviews with influential pastors, scholars, and artist. This interview column will serve to show the lives and ministries of these interviewees, in order to stir our readers on to live more holy lives. This month the editors of Tabletalk interviewed Michael Card.

TT: Please tell us a little about the sort of ministry you are involved in these days.

MC: The ministry I am involved with these days is fundamentally the same one that’s been going on for thirty years: trying to facilitate biblical understanding through any means available to me. In the past this has been primarily through music, but increasingly I have more opportunities to simply teach, often in connection to concerts.

TT: What project(s) are you working on currently?

MC: I am currently working on volume 2 of a series on the Gospels called “The Biblical Imagination Series.” The project derives its direction and method from William Lane’s statement: “We must engage with Scripture at the level of the imagination.” In my own small way I am trying to advance and develop that idea by working through the gospels.

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