Jan 4, 2023

Announcing Our Dedicated-Language Website in Urdu

2 Min Read

There is a rising global need for trustworthy biblical teaching to reach Christians in highly persecuted regions. Ligonier Ministries’ new dedicated-language website in Urdu seeks to help meet this need.

In Pakistan, approximately 98 percent of its citizens are Sunni and Sufi Muslims, while fewer than 2 percent are Christians. Following Jesus Christ can result in a prison sentence or even death. Urdu-speaking Christians face persecution from Muslim communities and from terrorist groups active in the country. They also often face false legal charges under the nation’s blasphemy law, which prohibits anyone from criticizing Islam.

Urdu is also widely spoken outside Pakistan. With more than sixty million speakers in India and nearly three million more combined in Afghanistan, Nepal, and Saudi Arabia, Urdu is the tenth most-spoken language in the world. With persecution rampant in these countries, Christians need strength from God’s Word to endure opposition and to make a bold stand for truth.

Thanks to the generous support of ministry friends such as you, ur.Ligonier.org is Ligonier’s twelfth dedicated-language website, providing an online library of trustworthy teaching and discipleship materials. These resources include translated articles, the Ligonier Statement on Christology, and historic Christian creeds. We pray that this expanding library will help Urdu-speaking Christians around the world find comfort in the truth of the gospel and share the good news of Jesus Christ in their communities.

Even as Urdu-speaking believers face widespread persecution, the Lord Jesus Christ is building His church. By His grace, faithful congregations are growing in the knowledge of God and courageously witnessing to their Muslim neighbors. In addition to the Urdu website, we encourage you to share Ligonier’s Urdu social media channels on Facebook and Instagram to help reach the 231 million Urdu-speaking people worldwide with clear biblical teaching.

The launch of this dedicated-language website in Urdu plays a role in Ligonier’s aim to develop the world’s largest library of discipleship resources that are true to the historic Christian faith, with sustained ministry in the world’s twenty most-spoken languages in the next few years. This international gospel outreach depends on the prayers and generosity of faithful donors such as you. Thank you for helping to translate, publish, and distribute trusted teaching so that more people around the world may know the holiness and saving grace of our sovereign God in Christ.