Jan 7, 2011

United in the (whole) Truth

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"We are prone to partiality. It is our habit not only to have preferences but to establish ourselves and pride ourselves in the preferences we choose. We play favorites and then rally around our favorites as we strive to demonstrate why our favorites should be everyone’s favorites. Being partial, having preferences, and playing favorites isn’t inherently wrong, so long as our partiality, preferences, and favorites are in accord with sacred Scripture. Problems quickly emerge, however, when we begin to play favorites with Scripture itself."

This is how Burk Parsons begins his editorial introduction to the January issue of Tabletalk, an issue that gives an overview of the New Testament epistles, with an eye on how they encourage and exhort the church. He goes on to show how the Christians in Corinth were playing favorites, some saying "I follow Paul" while others claimed "I follow Apollos." And along the way he finds and helps apply a lesson for all of us.

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