Jul 19, 2011

Understanding Homosexuality: Free Download from R.C. Sproul

2 Min Read

In today’s society we are told that homosexuality is a legitimate alternative lifestyle. Confusion still abounds, even in the church, about the nature of homosexuality. Do we have a biblical understanding of homosexuality? Are we called to love people who practice it? What makes someone a homosexual? These may seem like strange questions, but R.C. Sproul looks to Scripture to help us understand some of the confusion surrounding the issue of homosexuality and provides us with simple biblical responses to them.

Free Download from R.C. Sproul: Homosexuality
(Right click to download. Note: This lecture was originally given at the Ligonier Valley Study Center in Pennsylvania in the early days of the ministry.)

"As the image-bearer of God, [man] is called upon to reflect and mirror the holiness of God. When we fail to honor the glory of God it's inevitable that the dignity of man suffers. Our dignity flows out of the fact that we are created in the image of God. If the image of our God is soiled and destroyed and defaced, that defaces us."
—R.C. Sproul

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