Feb 26, 2020

Understanding God's Character Aids Assurance

1 Min Read

God is merciful, assuring, and loving toward His people in Christ. In this brief clip from his teaching series Assurance of Faith, Joel Beeke encourages Christians who doubt their salvation to remember God’s character.


Dear doubting believer, understanding who God is in Christ will give you a huge boost to your assurance. God is a loving Father looking for the prodigal son, running to him with legs of mercy, wrapping around him with arms of mercy, weeping over him with tears of mercy, kissing him with lips of mercy, saying, “This is My son, who was lost and is found! Let’s rejoice and be merry and slay the fatted calf.” God loves to receive sinners. You need to understand that, you need to understand Micah 7:18, “He delights in mercy.” Thomas Watson said it so beautifully, “God is just, and justice is one of God’s essential attributes.” “But the exercising of justice,” he said, is His strange work; His familiar work is mercy. He said, “God is like a like a bee; it only stings when it’s provoked.” He delights in mercy. Praise God that He is the true, the faithful, the merciful, the assuring, the loving God in Christ Jesus, and ask God to show that to you. Once you understand the character of God, that may help you a great deal.