Mar 18, 2010

Understanding the Atonement — A Special R.C. Sproul Book Offer for Easter

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Each Easter season we take time to reflect on Christ's death and celebrate His resurrection. But do we really understand the significance of the atonement?

"If it is true that the cross is of central importance to biblical Christianity, it seems that it is essential for Christians to have some understanding of its meaning in biblical terms," says Dr. Sproul. "There have been other periods in church history when theologies emerged that regarded the cross of Christ as an unnecessary event, but never before in Christian history has the need for an atonement been as widely challenged as it is today."

Take some time this Easter to explore this important doctrine. In his book The Truth of the Cross, Dr. Sproul surveys the great work accomplished by Jesus Christ through His crucifixion — the redemption of God’s people — and considers the atonement from numerous angles. This is a great book to give to people, so we’re offering special Spread-the-Word pricing:

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