Jun 6, 2019

Two New Gift Ideas for Dad: Everyone’s a Theologian and the Condensed Edition of the Reformation Study Bible

1 Min Read

We can’t escape being theologians. Whenever we think about God or try to understand the Bible, we’re doing theology. The only question is this: is our theology sound?

As fathers seek to lead their families well, it’s important that they rightly handle God’s Word and teach others to do the same. This Father’s Day, equip your dad to do theology well when you give him two practical resources:

With R.C. Sproul’s popular book, your dad will learn the basics of systematic theology, seeing how the truths of Scripture fit together. Then, he can apply what he’s learned as he reads his study Bible, using the book introductions and verse-by-verse commentary to dig deeper.

Help your dad pursue sound doctrine and grow in Christ when you send him these resources today.