Apr 7, 2013

Twitter Highlights (4/7/13)

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Here are highlights from our various Twitter accounts over the past week.

Never before in Christian history has the need for an atonement been as widely challenged as it is today. —RC Sproul bit.ly/YzIkeB

— Reformation Trust (@RefTrust) April 2, 2013

There is no such thing as free will in fallen man (Lloyd-Jones).

— Tabletalk Magazine (@Tabletalk) April 3, 2013

If you truly have it, you never lose it; and if you lose it, you never truly had it. -—RC Sproul

— Ligonier Ministries (@Ligonier) April 4, 2013

...the evidence from science is as weighty as that inferred from the Bible that a fetus is a living human person prior to birth. —RC Sproul

— Reformation Trust (@RefTrust) April 4, 2013

The two Testaments are the two lips by which God has spoken to us (Thomas Watson).

— Ligonier Academy (@LigonierAcademy) April 5, 2013

The irony of New Testament lordship is that only in slavery to Christ can a man discover authentic freedom. —RC Sproul

— Ligonier Ministries (@Ligonier) April 6, 2013

"Writing is easy. You just open a vein and bleed." ligm.in/10FbkyC

— Ligonier Ministries (@Ligonier) April 6, 2013

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