Apr 29, 2012

Twitter Highlights (4/29/12)

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Here are highlights from our various Twitter accounts over the past week.

No one who enters heaven deserves to be there; no one who enters hell deserves anything different. —Joel Beeke bit.ly/eeqP7C

— Reformation Trust (@RefTrust) April 24, 2012

Prospective @RefBibleCollege students can experience teaching from Ligonier FREE at the west coast conference this June bit.ly/Jo3OAQ

— RefBibleCollege (@RefBibleCollege) April 24, 2012

Sin is not simply making bad choices or mistakes. Sin is having the desire in our hearts to do the will of the enemy of God. —R.C. Sproul

— Ligonier Ministries (@Ligonier) April 24, 2012

Holiness is nothing but the implanting, writing and realizing of the gospel in our souls (John Owen).

— Tabletalk Magazine (@Tabletalk) April 25, 2012

A man who says, “I was wrong,” really in effect says, “I am a little wiser to-day than I was yesterday” (Spurgeon).

— Tabletalk Magazine (@Tabletalk) April 27, 2012

A race started in Adam; another race started in Christ (Lloyd-Jones).

— Ligonier Academy (@LigonierAcademy) April 27, 2012

We are not loving people when we're telling them that God accepts them as they are w/out repentance, b/c we're lying to them. —R.C. Sproul

— Ligonier Ministries (@Ligonier) April 27, 2012

New Unlimited Access for only $9 / month. Access to every course - no minimum commitment - can cancel any time. bit.ly/GJSY7g

— Ligonier Connect (@LigonierConnect) April 27, 2012

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