Feb 10, 2013

Twitter Highlights (2/10/13)

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Here are highlights from our various Twitter accounts over the past week.

Understanding the Parables is a new course from Dr. R.C. Sproul. Join R.C. as he examines the parables of Jesus goo.gl/63zdq

— Ligonier Connect (@LigonierConnect) January 29, 2013

In the New Testament, Christ comes not to take us out of Egypt, but to free us form bondage to Satan. —R.C. Sproul

— Ligonier Ministries (@Ligonier) February 6, 2013

Worship is not simply an experience of feeling; it must involve an understanding of the mind. —R.C. Sproul bit.ly/qnkKWR

— Reformation Trust (@RefTrust) February 7, 2013

We are seeking to redefine what a Bible college is and can be. Learn more: ligonier.org/blog/redefinin…

— RefBibleCollege (@RefBibleCollege) February 7, 2013

"Tolerance" has come to mean not merely allowance for other beliefs, but the acceptance of different views: ligm.in/V1HFB4

— Ligonier Ministries (@Ligonier) February 8, 2013

What fools are they who, for a drop of pleasure, drink a sea of wrath (Thomas Watson).

— Ligonier Academy (@LigonierAcademy) February 8, 2013

God does not need me. —R.C. Sproul

— Ligonier Ministries (@Ligonier) February 10, 2013

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