Jul 10, 2011

Twitter Highlights (7/10/11)

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Here are some highlights from the various Ligonier Twitter feeds over the past week.

  1. Reformation Trust

    Reformation Trust ...the question is not how we may become righteous but how, being unrighteous & unworthy, we may be reckoned righteous. - John Calvin

  2. Ligonier

    Ligonier If you want to know the true perspective on the seriousness of sin, look to the cross. -Keith Mathison http://bit.ly/isEozI

  3. Tabletalk Magazine

    Tabletalk Magazine "Those that look to be happy must first look to be holy." - Richard Sibbes

  4. Ligonier

    Ligonier The issue of idolatry is producing a substitute for the true God. -R.C. Sproul

  5. Reformation Trust

    Reformation Trust While other books may inform or even reform us, only [the Scriptures] can transform us & conform us to the image of Christ. -Joel Beeke

  6. Ligonier

    Ligonier Doctrine divides...but doctrine also unites. It binds together the hearts of God's people who celebrate the truth of God together... -Sproul

  7. Reformation Trust

    Reformation Trust All human efforts to get to know God by man-created means lead invariably to false religions or mysticisms. http://bit.ly/kHgI54

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