Feb 13, 2011

Twitter Highlights (2/13/11)

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Here are some highlights from the various Ligonier Twitter feeds over the past week.

  1. Tabletalk Magazine

    Tabletalk Magazine "Brethren, it is easier to declaim against a thousand sins of others, than to mortify one sin in ourselves" (J. Flavel).

  2. Ligonier Academy

    Ligonier Academy Seek not knowledge for the sake of applause and to dispute with others, but for the benefit of your soul, in order to practice. -J. Edwards

  3. Tabletalk Magazine

    Tabletalk Magazine "It is not chance but the Lord that sends affliction, and we should own and reverence His hand in it" (T. Boston).

  4. Reformation Trust

    Reformation Trust The distance between us and God is infinite in every way. But God’s love is infinitely great to span that distance. -Richard Phillips

  5. Ligonier

    Ligonier We're living in a culture now that is virtually obsessed with self-help pop-psychology remedies to make us happy. -R.C. Sproul

  6. Reformation Trust

    Reformation Trust If someone who is not a sheep comes [into church] ... we’re not going to change the menu & give the sheep goats’ food. -RC Sproul

  7. Ligonier

    Ligonier Is the exclusivity of Christ unjust? Alistair Begg explains & answers challenges raised by inclusivists & pluralists. http://bit.ly/evBJAW

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