Jul 3, 2014

#TruthAtTheCup: Looking Back and Looking Forward

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Update: In light of this successful outreach in 2014, we are moving forward with an outreach initiative at the upcoming Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Learn more at TruthAtTheGames.com.

The #TruthAtTheCup outreach has been more than a year in its planning. Thank you for showing your support earlier this year and we've been so encouraged knowing that many of you have been praying for Ligonier and the teams of volunteers still serving in Brazil.

Now that our small team has returned from Brazil, we are looking back and give thanks for the way in which the Lord blessed our joint efforts and for the many continued reports of how well Dr. R.C. Sproul's booklets have been received.

One local pastor, Leonardo Sahium or "Pastor Leo," serves at Igreja Presbiteriana da Gávea (Presbyterian Church of Gávea) and was entrusted with the distribution of 50,000 of the total 140,000 booklets. Our team spent time at three of the many distribution points he oversees in Rio: a local Lagoon park, Ipanema Beach, and a popular outdoor attraction known as "Sugar Loaf." It was not uncommon to see the recipients of these booklets stopping to begin reading them. By the time our small team left last week, Pastor Leo was already running short of the Portugese translations.

In the midst of giving thanks for the work being done in Brazil during the World Cup, we are now looking forward with prayerful expectation of being involved in similar outreach initiatives during the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. The partnerships we have formed will be invaluable as we seek to reach even more people during what will be a major international event centralized in Rio.

In light of the successful outreach in 2014 we are moving forward with the goal to unite church leaders, congregations, and partner organizations to provide a clear message of Christ through literature in various languages at the upcoming Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro. Ligonier Ministries is partnering with Fiel Ministries, a Brazilian ministry based near Rio, to distribute one million resources in different languages. One of the resources that will be distributed is a new booklet written specially for this outreach. It is called The Race of Faith by R.C. Sproul and it uses the Apostle's Creed to present a simple summary of the basic of the Christian faith. A summary of the gospel by R.C. Sproul and the Ligonier Statement on Christology will also be distributed. Email outreach@ligonier.org to learn more.

Thank you for standing with us during the #TruthAtTheCup campaign. Please continue to pray for the people of Brazil, the many visitors to their country, and for the faithful witness of His church.

You can browse the #TruthAtTheCup hashtag on Instagram to see other photos.