Mar 23, 2019

True and False Worship

1 Min Read

When King Josiah was refurbishing the temple, he discovered something among the rubble: a lost scroll of God’s law. But this was no cause for celebration. Instead, Josiah was horrified to learn that the people were breaking God’s law—and that God wasn’t pleased.

In today’s message from his video teaching series Dust to Glory, R.C. Sproul takes a closer look at Josiah’s reign and reform. A godly king, Josiah sought to remove all traces of idolatry from the land. He destroyed pagan altars. He tore down the “high places” Solomon had built for his foreign wives. And he led the people in a renewal of true worship.

Unfortunately, these reforms didn’t last long. Josiah’s son Jehoiakim was nothing like his father. Instead, he flouted God’s law and contributed to spiritual corruption. When he received a scroll that warned of God’s wrath, he burned it. But burning the scroll wouldn’t stop the coming destruction and exile.

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