Nov 8, 2010

Training Our Children to Use Technology to God's Glory

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A recent study revealed that young adults are cramming over eleven hours of media into seven and a half hours per day. Do you know what your kids are doing online? What are they watching? Who are they talking to? What are they saying? How can you prepare them for life in a digital world?

In the new DVD, God’s Technology, Dr. David Murray presents a Christian response to the digital revolution. After laying the foundation of four biblical principles, he makes the case for disciplined discernment in our use of technology. He then presents a practical seven-step training program to develop disciplined discernment in our children, and he concludes by showing how to apply these seven steps to Facebook use.

God’s Technology is ideal for families, schools, and churches that want to train their children to use God’s good gift of technology in a God-glorifying way.

Order the DVD for $11.99

"a clear, biblical guide for a confusing, digital age" — Burk Parsons (Editor of Tabletalk)

"a must-see for any concerned parent" — Tim Challies (

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