Jan 28, 2011

Time to (Re)Discover Hebrews

1 Min Read

In his contribution to the January edition of Tabletalk, Ligonier Teaching Fellow Sinclair Ferguson encourages us to discover or rediscover Hebrews. "Of all the New Testament letters," he says, "Hebrews seems to be one many Christians find strange and alien. Here we enter the world of Melchizedek and Aaron, angels and Moses, sacrifices and priests. It all seems so Old Testament, so intricate, and even confusing."

Indeed. If this is the case, "it is time to (re)discover Hebrews. But how?"

That is what he seeks to outline, by drawing us away from the details and showing us the big picture. "If we get lost in the details, Hebrews will appear to be a long, maze-like book. But if we grasp the big picture, we will see why the author thought he had 'written … only a short letter' (13:22, NIV)."

So why don't you take just a few minutes to (re)discover Hebrews with Dr. Ferguson.