Nov 15, 2010

Thriving at College

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The theme of November's issue of Tabletalk magazine is "College and the Christian." Alex Chediak writes "College represents a minefield of temptation for the Christian student. It is often the first time a young person raised in a godly home is under the direct, ongoing influence of both professors with secular agendas and classmates with immoral ambitions. Character-polluting influences can be readily discovered even at many Christian colleges, where freedom from Mom and Dad results in some experimenting with sin, perhaps manifesting an unconverted state."

But amidst the temptation there is also great opportunity. "But college also represents an incredible opportunity for unparalleled spiritual and intellectual growth. How can a Christian thrive at college instead of flirting with sin or rejecting his faith?"

Find out more about those opportunities in "Thriving at College."