Jan 1, 2024

Things Unseen: Your Daily Devotional Podcast for 2024

1 Min Read

A new year brings with it anticipation for the future, full schedules, and resolutions for the months ahead. Amid the busyness of life, it can be challenging to slow down. Things Unseen is a podcast to help us find those moments of stillness in our daily lives.

Monday through Friday, this daily devotional podcast with Dr. Sinclair Ferguson features thoughtful reflections on the Christian life and our relationship with God. Each week’s episodes follow a theme to guide you day by day in the pursuit of spiritual renewal.

Watch this video to learn more about Things Unseen:

Follow the podcast today, and listen every weekday as you seek to walk by faith throughout 2024. Each episode will also be released on our YouTube channel, and you can hear all of Ligonier’s podcasts in our free app.