Dec 15, 2022

These Are the People You Help

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You and I share a need of incomparable importance with people around the world. Everyone everywhere needs to know who God is.

This universal necessity drove Dr. R.C. Sproul to establish the teaching fellowship of Ligonier Ministries. It’s the impetus behind our mission to proclaim the holiness of God to as many people as possible. And this need drives an ambitious aim to serve the global church with timeless biblical teaching that exalts the character of our Creator and brings clarity to Christians in challenging times.

We give thanks to God that by the end of 2022, ministry friends such as you will have helped reach 70 million people with discipleship resources from Ligonier. The tremendous outreach expansion empowered by this generous support includes the launch of dedicated Ligonier websites in three new languages (Korean, Japanese, and German), the release of the Portuguese edition of the Reformation Study Bible, millions of words of trustworthy teaching translated, and more than 10,000 minutes of dubbed video teaching released.

By God’s grace, this outreach is changing lives, representing the stories of individuals, families, and churches who are growing in their knowledge of God and His Word through Ligonier’s theological teaching. I wanted to share a few of these recent stories with you. These are the people you help through your generous financial support.

“I can watch every message over and over again, and I don’t get tired. These Ligonier teaching series in Farsi have changed my understanding of the gospel. I believe every Iranian Christian should watch these messages.” —KASRA, IRAN

“The Reformation Study Bible in Spanish will hugely impact Latin America. We need to teach the doctrines of grace and Reformed theology as the church continues to grow in Latin America. This Bible will serve the church for generations to come. Thank you, Ligonier Ministries, for being an instrument of God to spread sound and biblical resources in the Dominican Republic.” —ARIS, DOMINICAN REPUBLIC

“Through Ligonier’s teaching, I have been equipped to articulate what we believe as Reformed Christians, why we believe it, and how to share the gospel with other people. The knowledge obtained has assisted me in witnessing to my friends and to my own family.” —MACDONALD, MALAWI

“Whenever I study to preach God’s Word, the Portuguese Reformation Study Bible has been enriching for me. It has everything I need. I am grateful, because it has guided me in rightly understanding the Word of God and aligns me theologically to understand certain doctrines and teachings that the Word brings.” —PASTOR FROM MOZAMBIQUE

“The discipleship resources that Ligonier offers are fundamental references in my ministry. Ligonier’s video teaching series in Arabic are translated, dubbed, and available as written scripts, which is wonderful. I hope you will continue providing these resources; we are in desperate need of your ministry.” —MICHAEL, EGYPT

An awakening to the holiness of God is stirring among the nations. Yet the global need for trustworthy teaching is greater than ever. Billions of souls remain unreached. If we can count on the generous support of friends like you, Ligonier will be positioned to build the largest library of discipleship resources that are true to the Christian faith, with sustained ministry in the top twenty languages within the next few years. Will you consider a year-end gift to help hasten this trajectory to make biblical, Reformed teaching available to 80 percent of the world’s population in their heart language?

Thank you for sharing a bold vision of global gospel outreach, all to the glory of God alone.

By God’s grace and thanks to your support, we’re regularly adding translated and dubbed teaching to Ligonier’s websites in Arabic, Chinese (simplified and traditional, Farsi, French, German, Hindi, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, and Spanish. Please share these dedicated-language websites widely so more people can benefit from these ever-expanding libraries of discipleship resources. Thank you.